Flowers for a Friend

This is the picture that inspired this post.

Life on the Farm

Top Secret

The only thing standing between homegirls and the Christmas of their dreams.

Bringing Home the Tree

We brought home this painting from Wisconsin after visiting Scott’s parents for Thanksgiving.  After hanging it on the wall, Rainey decided to draw her own rendering.  I think I like hers better.

What a Couple Colored Pencils Can Do

These are two of my favorite drawings by Rainey.  The first was inspired by her abstract art class.  She wanted to draw a bunch of flowers with crazy stems, making it hard to figure out which stem belonged to which flower.  The second she drew after taking a walk in our neighborhood.

Snow Man, I’m Sick of Winter

This friendly little snowman is hopefully ringing the bell for the last call of winter. Sweet mother nature, I need spring to come.  

Piano Mom

Rainey drew this picture one afternoon over a year ago while I was playing the piano. I love the way she captured the moment and highlighted my cool green shoes and really long neck.