The Honey Bee Crusade

Rainey’s been studying honey bees lately, on account of the hive we have hidden in our backyard, and because a few weeks ago, in the middle of the afternoon, a swarm of them hovered above her head while she and her younger brother played outside. “Thousands of bees are all over the backyard,” Rainey hollered when they dashed inside to take cover. And sure enough, when I looked out the back door, I saw a thick cloud of bees buzzing midair, about forty feet […]

Merry Christmas!

The Autumn Art Collection

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. December is just a few days away. Almost time for me to deck the halls for Christmas. But not until I share some artwork my daughter, Rainey, has created using autumn as her inspiration:

How She Sees Me

When our eyes meet, she smiles. Two artists sitting across the table from each other, scribbling hard, both telling stories. Her assignment: draw the face of a family member, and I’m happy she picks me. I’m honored to be her muse. “Don’t yell at me if you look hideous,” she warns as we get started. But when her eyes widen, when she twirls that strand of hair between her fingers and rubs it against her […]

How to Draw a Really Good Self-Portrait

She draws a cartoon of herself during art class, and it looks just like her, so true to life: the freckles, the flipped hair, the flip-flops. But the sketch falls short of capturing all of her, how she captivates all of me and takes my breath away at least a thousand times before breakfast. But it’s hard to draw what the mind can’t see, what the heart fights to believe, no matter how big the light bulb over her head, […]

Bull’s Eye

One of my favorite things about Rainey is how she starts every day with a drawing. This morning, while I was fixing breakfast, I mentioned that we might go to Target later in the day, and this is the word association she drew.

Poison Prevention 2011 Poster Contest

  Rainey’s entry for Giant’s Poison Prevention 2011 contest. Winner gets $500 for his/her school. If she wins, does that mean I get to pocket the cash?