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A Walk Among Wildflowers

We head out this morning, a day my daughter and I are supposed to spend together, in a hurry. I’m late for my hair appointment, and we don’t have time for that chai tea I promised her. She doesn’t complain or insist, though I wouldn’t blame her if she did; instead she reads quietly in the backseat while I speed toward the salon. It’s raining today, and I secretly balk at the idea of spending […]

Trust {responsive reading}

A few weeks ago, our church hosted a worship night, and the songs and meditations for the night revolved around the theme of trust. In addition to leading the worship, I wrote a responsive reading simply titled, Trust. God, you are our refuge and our strength, We trust in your steadfast love. You are our savior and our song. Our hearts rejoice in your salvation. It is better to take refuge in you than trust […]