The Wrong Done Against Us: A Marriage and Mercy Story

Our old dog, Murphy, is dying. He hasn’t eaten in days, he can barely walk, and the vet confirms that his heart and kidneys are failing. He’s lived a long, full life, I tell my husband, and I urge him to put the last of our three dogs down. But my husband’s not ready.

“You can try giving him an antacid,” the vet suggests as a last resort. “It might increase his appetite.”

So he carries our dog to the car, brings him home, and hand-feeds him Pepcid wrapped in bologna to help settle his stomach, in hopes that he might start eating his dog food again.

I watch him do this for several days, and after seeing no improvement in our dog’s eating habits, I shake my head and question my husband’s sanity strategy.

Until one day Murphy’s bowl is empty.

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