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She asks to spend Saturday at the mall, so you go. You weave your way through the traffic and the busy parking lots, the weekend crowds and the clothing racks until you find her the perfect back-to-school outfit. The sales are over and your coupons invalid, but a mother’s word never expires. You’ve been promising her this shopping trip for weeks. You sit down for lunch and she orders her favorite and you talk about everything and nothing over chicken fingers […]

The Wrong Done Against Us: A Marriage and Mercy Story

Our old dog, Murphy, is dying. He hasn’t eaten in days, he can barely walk, and the vet confirms that his heart and kidneys are failing. He’s lived a long, full life, I tell my husband, and I urge him to put the last of our three dogs down. But my husband’s not ready. “You can try giving him an antacid,” the vet suggests as a last resort. “It might increase his appetite.” So he […]

Running Against the Wind

We’ve been running together a lot lately. She’s on the middle school cross country team this fall, and she always asks me to join her on her weekend runs. I try to contain my enthusiasm. She’s at a precarious age. Show too much encouragement, and she’ll completely give up. Not enough, and it’s all my fault and the world’s definitely going to end. The guy who walked across the Grand Canyon on a two-inch tight rope […]