Archives for May 2013

Sick Days

She stumbles out to the dimly lit kitchen just a little after six this morning. “My throat is sore,” she says to me with a wince, “like it’s bleeding or something.” And I know what she means. Like neon flashing, I know the signs. No need for swabs or lab tests today, I know her strep is back, that maybe it never left, that the eighth empty bottle of antibiotics, the one I just pitched […]

A Letter to My Daughter on Her 12th Birthday

Dear Rainey, I looked for it everywhere this morning, that letter from the pastor who dedicated you in Montana so many years ago. You were only eight weeks old then, and cranky, causing me to sweat right through my Sunday Best. But you quieted down just in time for your dad and me to walk onto that platform and promise to do everything in our power to raise you in a righteous way. Afterward, in the hallway behind that huge sanctuary, the pastor handed us an envelope and told us […]