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The Ring: Part Two

This is a follow-up post to a piece I wrote a few months ago about losing my wedding ring. I’ve never been happier to write the rest of the story… My two-year-old son, Wesley, has this habit of taking his toys to bed with him. His diggers, his trucks, his trains. And this is fine, perfectly fine, until he can’t find one of them at naptime. That’s when all hell breaks loose, like the other day. […]

Tuesdays with Rainey: A Mother’s Manifesto on How to Be a Friend

We always have that hour on Tuesdays to talk. When we wind our way home through the Lycoming valley and around the Bald Eagle mountains, past the Amish farms and the place with all the John Deere tractors, this is our chance to connect. Our topic this week, like most weeks, is friendship. She’s navigating a new problem, and like the GPS suctioned to my front windshield, I try to point her in the right direction. “She always asks me what I’m learning […]