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Merry Christmas!

No Ordinary Monday

Today is Monday, the day I volunteer, the day I spend my afternoons sounding out digraphs and acting out sight words in my daughter’s second grade classroom. But today’s not just any Monday. Today is the Monday after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The Monday twenty families begin burying their children in unbearably small coffins. The Monday I fight the urge to lock up my eight-year-old daughter, Lilla, and keep her home for […]

What to Pray When Things Don’t Make Sense

How to Pray for Your Children When the World is a Scary Place

She holds her cards close to her chest, just like her daddy. Maybe that’s why I can’t get her to say she loves me in the carpool line. When the van door swings open and the kids herd toward the back of the building, she only smiles and waves at me when I say it. I try not to be offended. I try to understand. But every mother wants to hear those three precious words, […]

Dare to Be Different

I knew she’d miss out on a few things when we decided to homeschool her. The crazy hair days, the book fairs, the bus rides. But I didn’t expect this. I suppose I saw the warning signs – fewer birthday party invitations, not as many play dates – but it never really worried me. She’s a fun kid, someone who can make friends easily, and we’ve stayed involved in the community, keeping connected through classes, co-ops, and after-school activities. But recently I’ve noticed a sharp […]