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The Autumn Art Collection

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. December is just a few days away. Almost time for me to deck the halls for Christmas. But not until I share some artwork my daughter, Rainey, has created using autumn as her inspiration:

Why I Write

They come from all over the country, with their iPads and their scarves and their equestrian boots, their business cards and blogs and their book deals, and they all look so polished, so put together. And then there’s me. I show up with a pen and some paper, my annoying habit of talking too much when I’m nervous, and the new scarf and matching earrings I bought last night in a hopelessly vain and last-minute attempt at being fashionable. “You look […]

Happy Fall, Y’All!

Fall is my favorite season. The leaves changing. The cooler temperatures. The Halloween candy that I may or may not swipe from my kids’ stash while they’re sleeping. This year we picked the most picturesque day to visit a local pumpkin patch. I think the sky and leaves and pumpkins got together and collectively decided to show off, big time. Somehow they even roped my kids into the act. And so I started snapping photos. I […]