March Madness (One Thousand Gifts, 97-116)

In like a lion, out like a lamb, that’s what they say about this month. Others call it madness. I don’t have a name for it yet.

It’s hard to find the right words when a friend’s missing cat is found dead in the pond, when another’s father is diagnosed with cancer, when my husband’s has a heart attack. When my boy falls from the slide and bloodies his face, when another boy falls further into addiction.

Some days it’s a triumph just getting out of bed.

It would seem pure madness, then, to give thanks. But give thanks I must. Because giving thanks always precedes a miracle, and I know a few people who could use one right about now.

Who knows? Maybe that’s what I’ll end up naming this month: Miraculous March.

March MadnessMarch MadnessMarch MadnessMarch MadnessMarch MadnessMarch MadnessMarch MadnessMarch Madness

97. Running with the whole family

98. My mama turning 69, making her one of these and her loving it

99. Broken and brand new appliances

100. A man willing to mop my kitchen floor when my back aches (and when it doesn’t)

101. His recent fascination with trucks, trains, and testing limits

102. Those big, brown saucer eyes

103. Bike helmets, basketballs, children playing in the yard again

104. Breakfast in bed, compliments of my children

105. A child’s social faux-pas, a friend’s hurt feelings

106. Putting away the last of the snowmen, the winter dishes

107. Finding out it’s not up to me

108. Watching a movie that’s as good as the book

109. Friends who listen and don’t judge and give good hugs

110. Buds on trees, daffodils in bloom

111. Reading a trio of Anne Lamott books, finding a kindred spirit between the pages

112. $9.40 in overdue library books

113. An unplanned playdate, good chai, better friends

114. Our team advancing to the next round

115. Hearing him scream my name when I come down from the platform, feeling like a rock star

116. Picnic at the park with the bestest of friends…and fried chicken

One Thousand Gifts


  1. Your words make my heart smile.

  2. Debbi DeCola says:

    Hi Megan,
    Your writing is so beautiful. What a treasure you are creating.
    Hey, can you email us your phone number? Nick’s making a trip to your area & wanted to find out if he could see you guys.

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