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Strictly for the Birds

Recently I gave Rainey a writing assigment: Think back to when you had a happy experience and remember where you were and what happened. Were you alone or with someone else? When did this happen? What were your thoughts at the time, and what did people say? How did you feel? Write a story about that happy experience. She chose to write about a field trip we took to a nature preserve a couple weeks […]

How to Pray When Kids (and Grown-Ups) are Mean

This is a re-postĀ of a piece I wrote last year. I wanted to include it in this week’s Practices of Parenting Carnival over at Emerging Mummy. Sarah Bessey was kind enough to invite other bloggers to share what we do (or try to do) to help us enjoy parenting, and for me, pointing my kids to Christ is what makes mothering not easy and sometimes not enjoyable but definitely worth it. I hope this post […]