One Thousand Gifts: The Christmas Edition (64-96)

The first day of the new year finds me on my hands and knees, scrubbing toilets, wiping down the damage done by a hard holiday week. Company came, we celebrated, and then, one after another, for six straight days, nine of them got sick. Even the dog threw up.

I wish I could say I had fun anyway, that it was a holy and happy Christmas in spite of the disgusting circumstances, but I can’t. At least not easily.

But I guess that’s where eucharisteo comes in, this practice of counting gifts. That even in the rankest of situations, joy is still possible – by giving thanks anyway.

And so, with sponge in hand, I thank Him for:

Wes @ Airport

Rainey on Escalator

Unexpected Christmas Carolers

Sleepover with Nana

Cousins on Christmas Eve

Letters to Santa

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Christmas Morning Smiles

Big Toys for Big Boys

Re-gifting on the Spot

Homemade Coasters

In-laws and babies

Piercing Her Ears






Big, Brown EyesFlowers

64. Airports and escalators, and waiting for Nana to arrive

65. Unexpected Christmas carolers

66. Sleepovers with Nana

67. Cousins together in jammies on Christmas Eve

68. Letters to Santa, still believing

69. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, read on an iBook

70. Late-night wrapping blitz, presents under the tree before midnight

71. Christmas morning smiles

72. Big toys for big boys

73. Re-gifting on the spot

74. Her handwritten letter to me and homemade coasters declaring this truth

75. A friend praying me through the madness…and delivering brown sugar on Christmas

76. In-laws, outlaws, and baby boys and girls

77. A dishwasher that works, a hot water heater that holds up, and a fridge full of food

78. Stealing an early morning hour with her, sharing headphones, the road, and our hearts

79. Finally getting that feather in her hair

80. Pierced ears!

81. Her courage, Nana’s hand so I could capture it on film

82. The hospitality of a friend – during naptime – welcoming us in anyway

83. Her willingness to take six kids to a matinee

84. Fresh air, fun times at the neighborhood park

85. Getting lost in those big, brown eyes

86. Long walks, turning away from old rutted paths, forging new ones

87. The three of us cruising our hometown “incognito”

88. Sock bun!

89. Ginger ale. Lots and lots of ginger ale.

90. New, yummy ways to pop popcorn for him

91. An ottoman’s new lease on life, thanks to her craftiness

92. A laundromat open on New Year’s Day and a husband willing to spend a few hours there

93. Clorox wipes

94. Hope rising

95. His work to rescue and transform me (read more here…)

96. Flowers delivered post-recovery (Thanks, guys!)

One Thousand Gifts


  1. Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m sorry to hear about the sickness, but glad you had a nice Christmas. Great photos. Thank you for sharing your memories!

  2. IINCOG…*Barf*….NITO!!!!!!!!!

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