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What are You Waiting for?

This morning I read from the vantage point of Moses and Aaron, of the woman with a bleeding problem, of Jairus whose daughter was dying. And all of them could say their circumstances, the problems they were facing, were growing worse not better. Pharoah and his brick-making, back-breaking impositions. The woman and her never-ending bloody stream of shame. Jairus and his now-dead daughter. Yet Jesus speaks so clearly to them, and to me, when it […]

Where to Find Me

She finds me on my knees this morning and wonders why. Why I come here before the sun comes up, before the laundry and the lessons and the dishes pile up, before her little brother wakes up and beckons me from his crib. When a fresh coat of white still covers the driveway outside my window, when I can’t sleep another minute, she asks me why I come to this place. It’s cold down here […]

When All Your Plans Fail

One by one they fall to the ground. Twenty-six letters hung so carefully, so precisely, six months ago litter the floor of our¬†basement this morning, turning a cute addition to our school room’s decor into a thorn in my side. Damn you, Pinterest. I push the alphabet posters against the puddy for the umpteenth time this week and think about plans, how all of mine seem to be taking the plunge lately, too. The¬†playdate plagued […]

My One Word for 2012: Wisdom

All I see when we set out in the pre-dawn morning is the blinking yellow light around my wrist. The neighborhood is quiet, the smart ones are still sleeping, but she and I, we take off into the cold, crisp darkness together, sharing the road, sharing our hearts. We run slow, it’s been several weeks for me since I last ran. But once we summit that hilly avenue, we settle into a comfortable pace, an […]

One Thousand Gifts: The Christmas Edition (64-96)

The first day of the new year finds me on my hands and knees, scrubbing toilets, wiping down the damage done by a hard holiday week. Company came, we celebrated, and then, one after another, for six straight days, nine of them got sick. Even the dog threw up. I wish I could say I had fun anyway, that it was a holy and happy Christmas in spite of the disgusting circumstances, but I can’t. […]