One Thousand Gifts (46-63)

Sorry the list is a little late this week, folks. The flu is stampeding like a thousand wild horses through this house again. That must be the hard eucharisteo the book was talking about. {Grin.}

SunsetStorytimeRoadside RoosterFriends at Art ShowLaundry PileBig BlueChristmas BookJesse TreeSpinning Top46. A sunset on the way home from afternoon tea.

47. That freckle near the corner of his eye.

48. Unplugging the heating pad and putting it away.

49. Reading a favorite book with a big sister.

50. A roadside rooster on our backroad adventure.

51. Friends who come to support her.

52. Honesty from a trusted teacher.

53. The laundry of a sick child.

54. The sweet reunion between a tummy-sick boy and his freshly laundered blanket.

55. The smell of an old Christmas favorite.

56. Lesson planning, whining, hard school days.

57. Untying the bumpers of his crib.

58. A disheartening message.

59. A dying dog.

60. Doing this (almost) every night at dinner.

61. Realizing that needing Him is the key to knowing Him.

62. My favorite nurse, for making the all-night vigil.

63. A spinning top for a crazy-delighted boy.

One Thousand Gifts


  1. Erin Richer says:

    His B!!!!!!!!! What a precious precious picture that warms my heart!

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