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When You’re Tempted to Buy Your Own Kid’s Press

She hangs her heart on the wall while a steady stream of people walk by. “Did you draw this?” They ask the small girl perched in the corner, the one who can’t stop drawing for a second, not even tonight when her art’s on public display. “Yes,” she says shyly, smiling under the rim of that black hat. “Wow,” they say again and again, bedazzled like the peace sign covering her head. And again with a timid smile […]

One Thousand Gifts (46-63)

Sorry the list is a little late this week, folks. The flu is stampeding like a thousand wild horses through this house again. That must be the hard eucharisteo the book was talking about. {Grin.} 46. A sunset on the way home from afternoon tea. 47. That freckle near the corner of his eye. 48. Unplugging the heating pad and putting it away. 49. Reading a favorite book with a big sister. 50. A roadside rooster on […]