One Thousand Gifts (28-45)

We’re busy here, cleaning up after a very fun and very full Thanksgiving weekend and getting ready for Rainey’s first semi-sort-of-professional art showing this Friday, so I appreciate a little grace and understanding for just posting the list this week…

Those Eyelashes

Those BunsThose Buns

Cat on the Table

Sitting at the Kids Table Again

Stringing Christmas Lights

Hijacked Camera

"I will set the day to bake!"

Having Too Many to Choose From

28. A mom who listens long and validates my mama bear instincts.

29. Train whistles and church bells, hearing both from my living room.

30. Those eyelashes, those buns.

31. His late night run to the grocery store for more green beans.

32. Cat on the dining room table minutes before company comes.

33. Sitting at the kids table again.

34. Teamwork in the kitchen.

35. Stringing Christmas lights, even if only half of them light up.

36. A hijacked camera, seeing things from her perspective.

37. My identity in Christ and a friend who reminds me of it.

38. Shopping trips where the thing spent most is time together.

39. Finally finding a sturdy shoe rack on sale.

40. Misunderstandings and migraines.

41. Naked trees revealing beauty behind their branches.

42. Sunday’s sermon challenging me to believe that I can overcome anything by this.

43. Singing Christmas carols with broken strings and borrowed guitars, then cueing them up at home and blaring them in the kitchen.

44. Pulling a Mrs. Biddlebox.

45. Having too many to choose from.

One Thousand Gifts


  1. 37 and 38 — what gifts! That made me smile just to read of those things, pause and reflect on those moments in my life.

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