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One Thousand Gifts (28-45)

We’re busy here, cleaning up after a very fun and very full Thanksgiving weekend and getting ready for Rainey’s first semi-sort-of-professional art showing this Friday, so I appreciate a little grace and understanding for just posting the list this week… 28. A mom who listens long and validates my mama bear instincts. 29. Train whistles and church bells, hearing both from my living room. 30. Those eyelashes, those buns. 31. His late night run to the grocery store […]

How She Sees Me

When our eyes meet, she smiles. Two artists sitting across the table from each other, scribbling hard, both telling stories. Her assignment: draw the face of a family member, and I’m happy she picks me. I’m honored to be her muse. “Don’t yell at me if you look hideous,” she warns as we get started. But when her eyes widen, when she twirls that strand of hair between her fingers and rubs it against her […]

One Thousand Gifts (1-17)

Okay, I’ll admit it: I hate Thanksgiving dinner. The Pumpkin pie, the turkey and stuffing, the cranberry sauce. All of it. I know. It sounds un-American, almost Scrooge-like, but honestly, I’d rather order pizza. My husband refuses, though, because he LURVES it. All of it. Right down to the giblets. So every year he’s in charge of fixing the Thanksgiving feast. Since he enjoys both the menu and the culinary challenge of preparing it, who am I to stand in […]

We are…not Penn State

Some things hit closer to home than others. Like the case of this week’s news surrounding the child sex abuse scandal at Pennsylvania State University. I grew up with Nittany Lions in my backyard. Half my graduating class either applied to or attended Penn State or one of its many satellite campuses. Paw prints and Happy Valley magnets are stuck on hundreds of cars around here. I’ll never forget the joke my seventh grade science teacher told us almost every Friday afternoon […]