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How to Draw a Really Good Self-Portrait

She draws a cartoon of herself during art class, and it looks just like her, so true to life: the freckles, the flipped hair, the flip-flops. But the sketch falls short of capturing all of her, how she captivates all of me and takes my breath away at least a thousand times before breakfast. But it’s hard to draw what the mind can’t see, what the heart fights to believe, no matter how big the light bulb over her head, […]

Grace Like Rain

Words, like raindrops, sometimes fall hard. It was Wednesday, the fourth straight day of showers from a tropical storm, and we were already saturated when we left for the vet’s office. But the cat got in a fight, punctured in two places, and his wounds needed some immediate dressing. So my brood and I, the three that rarely leave my side, we packed up the cat in his crate, put on our rain coats and boots, and prepared to spend […]

On a Good Day

The voices chant early, before the fog lifts, before the grass dries, and I listen to their lies. Nobody loves you. Nothing will ever change. None of this is worth it. Their poison shoots straight for my spine, paralyzing me in the place where I’ve come to pray. From where I sit, spirit and body stuck, I see what I’d written on the easel out in the kitchen just yesterday morning, like a banner snapping over my […]