Look Who’s Walking, Too

Wesley Walking

The Little Dude started walking this week, and it made me think of this and how the greatest gift I can give my kids — in a world of relentless ranking — is grace. That alone will inspire them toward true greatness.


  1. Erin Richer says:

    Oh my gosh! A Mr. Awesome TShirt. And he looks like he’s a pro already!!!

  2. Awwww!! Way to go, Wesley! It looks like he’s posing….he truly is awesome! All children develop at their own pace, all the way through life! (and you’ll be chasing him around and wishing he’d maybe chill out and just sit for a minute!!!!)

    • Wesley would like to thank Nolan for the inspiration. 🙂 He’s sweating by the time he’s done his laps around the house! (And notice the cat poised in the forefront of the picture, ready to be trampled.)

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