Lake Adventures

Almost every night, sometime between bowing heads in gratitude, horking down food, and arguing over who’s on dish duty, our family participates in a special dinnertime ritual we like to call, “High, Low, Learned.” One by one we circle round the table sharing the details of our day, including the highlights, the low points, and the lessons we might have learned. We love it, and tonight, as I wait for my digital camera to download the couple hundred pictures I took during our vacation to New Hampshire last week, and as I search for words to recap our seven slow, blissful days spent on Squam Lake, I think about our simple family tradition and decide it’s the perfect way to preserve the memories of our trip.

The view on top of Rattlesnake Mountain



Wes on the shore of Big Squam


Cousins, young and old, growing and staying close, like time stood still

Rising at dawn, walking the shoreline of my favorite lake with my favorite guys, buying the paper and checking the Red Sox score

Camps and cottages nestled in pines, living On Golden Pond

Habitats, hide-and-seek with turtles, and Barbie fishing poles

Listening to loons, spotting sleeping black bears, and hiking in flip-flops

Make your own sundaes and the sticky sweet mess of roasted marshmallows (all on the “Squam Lake Diet”)

Brush-burned elbows, losing swimsuit bottoms, and dizzy, squealing laughter behind the boat

An Inchworm on Wildflower

Hiking in Flip Flops

Flirting with a River Otter




Rainy forecasts

Fractured families missing out

Cousins on the Squam Lake Nature Trail

Little Owl Friend


Lessons Learned:

Gift shops are a great way to commemorate a vacation. Just don’t mention it until the last day, or you will be nagged about going every. single. day.

There’s a reason they call it The Bug House.

Older relatives may need to acclimate themselves to the noise and chaos the younger generations provide. Try to be courteous, be patient, and don’t take it personally.

During stressful moments and when in the presence of many pairs of tiny ears, do come up with creative ways of cursing. You will find it deliriously funny, and no one has to get hurt.

Fishing for a Flip Flop

Rainey on top of Rattlesnake Mountain

The Family

“There is Nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats” – The Wind in the Willows

“The loons. The loons. They are welcoming us back.” – Katherine Hepburn, On Golden Pond


  1. “The loons, Norman!” So wonderful hanging with you and Scott, getting to see Rainey and Lilla again, and meeting sweet Wesley! It was very special to have our boys meet (even if they did ignore each other most of the time) So many happy memories now etched in my mind. 🙂 Much love from our family to yours! P.S. Don’t forget to “shut the front door.”

  2. Thank you for sharing your special time. What a beautiful family! Love you sweetheart!
    <3 Mom

  3. auntie rose says:

    As always, Meg, a beautiful blog. It was truly a special week. So much fun for all the little cousins to be together (and the big ones, too). The pictures are awesome. Can’t wait to see more! Isn’t is great to like your relatives as well as love them? We are blessed!
    Love you guys,
    Ant Rosie

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