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Hugs in a Lunch Box: A Tiny Tribute to My Twin Brother

He’s the funniest guy I know, my brother is, the one I shared a womb with for seven months. The one who almost didn’t make it out because of that cord wrapped around his neck. And you could say┬álife has given him trouble from the very start, that some Force has been out to get him, but you’d never know it to look at him. Or to listen to him. Because you’re too busy laughing. […]

Look Who’s Walking, Too

The Little Dude started walking this week, and it made me think of this and how the greatest gift I can give my kids — in a world of relentless ranking — is grace. That alone will inspire them toward true greatness.

The Story of the Lost Daughter

No story in all of Scripture is more tender to me, more terrifying, than the story of the prodigal son. I never wanted to identify with that particular parable, with that kind of guilt and humiliation, and if I’m being honest, I never thought it was possible. I mean, I attended church. I led Bible studies. I never even kissed the man I married until I knew we would be. Who me? A prodigal? Never. […]

A Mother’s Prayer for Her Son

He’s a melting pot of the men before him, this little boy of mine, the one who split my heart wide open fifteen moons ago. This morning, I sit here watching him tinker with a wooden toy handcrafted by my grandfather when I was young, and as the sun casts a long line across his face, I wonder what kind of man my son will become. Certainly he has all the makings of a handsome […]

Lake Adventures

Almost every night, sometime between bowing heads in gratitude, horking down food, and arguing over who’s on dish duty, our family participates in a special dinnertime ritual we like to call, “High, Low, Learned.” One by one we circle round the table sharing the details of our day, including the highlights, the low points, and the lessons we might have learned. We love it, and tonight, as I wait for my digital camera to download […]