Archives for July 2011

The Forgetful Fairy

It’s official: I’m a bad horrible tooth fairy. And not just because I’m cheap.  I’m forgetful, too. Just the other day Lilla lost a bottom canine tooth after it spent what seemed like decades dangling by a dental thread. She proudly showed it – and the oozing bloody gap it left behind – to her grossed-out family, friends, and piano teacher, and then scavenged the recycling bin (aka her bedroom) for a decent receptacle to […]

Happy Birthday to Me

I turned 36 on Sunday, and after fifteen years of marriage, eleven of them with children, my husband finally figured out what to get me for my birthday: a little peace and quiet. So, after fixing berry-filled crepes smothered in Nutella and whipped cream for brunch, he lovingly kicked me out of the house to spend the afternoon by myself at the pool. With no sunscreen to apply to ticklish, little limbs, no swim diapers […]

Prelude to Heaven

I don’t know what it is about her that makes me come undone. Maybe it’s our complicated history or the stifling humidity. Or maybe we’re both just showing signs of our age. But latetly she’s been bringing out the worst in me. When we first met, I fell in love with her instantly. I was just a child then, about the age of my oldest now, when Dad found her deep in the coal region. […]