Mommy Makeover

What I did today:

  1. Registered for a race
  2. Read a blog post from a friend in high school
  3. Changed a light bulb in my bathroom
  4. Received a makeover from my six-year old daughter

At first glance, this list looks as random as the color Lilla chose to fresco my toes, but after some personal reflection, a pattern starts to emerge.

First, the race. In a few weeks, a friend and I are going to celebrate our joint birthdays by participating in the TaTa Trot, a local 5K to benefit breast cancer research. Though my mother-in-law is among the many brave survivors of this terrible disease, honestly, we’re just doing it for the t-shirts.

Second, the blog post. This friend from high school is currently traveling the world on behalf of mothers everywhere, campaigning and advocating support for maternal and child health. She’s escorted dozens of musicians and movie stars throughout her career to the most impoverished places on this planet, and she’s probably the reason why it’s become so trendy for celebrities to take up a cause. But I think she’s the real rock star.

Third, the light bulb. It’s taken us a while, but we finally switched to energy efficient light bulbs throughout our house. We’re not just saving money on utility bills, we’re protecting the environment against climate change, or as Lilla likes to say, “We’re saving the polar bears.”

Speaking of Lilla, let’s talk about the makeover. When she woke up this morning and stumbled out to the breakfast table, I asked her if she’d like to give me a makeover during Wesley’s afternoon nap. Her eyes lit up like that light bulb in #3 above, and she answered, “Yes! Yes! YES!” Not only is her older sister out of the country right now, making Lilla the center of all most of my attention, she announced a couple days ago that she’d like to be a beautician when she grows up. Given that her previous aspirations were a) teenage mom and b) cotton candy vendor at carnivals, I couldn’t have been more supportive.

So when nap time finally rolled around, she had the living room staged as the most luxurious looking day spa, at least on our block. After settling in to my chair with a few of her Highlight magazines and a cup of water I think the cat drank from, I stretched out my legs for a pedicure. If you think my pink toes are pretty, you should see the hand towel used to catch the extra drippings. Then, after a matching manicure, Lilla began to delicately apply my make-up. After a few coats of eye shadow, Lilla stepped back to admire her work.

“Wow, that eye shadow is extra shiny,” she remarked.

“That’s because it’s lip gloss,” I replied, noticing the near-empty container she’d been dipping from in her “Glam Girl” kit.

But I felt pampered and looked stunning according to my stylist, so she repeated the process with the other eye.

After she was finished, I wrapped her up in my arms, thanked her for making me beautiful, and invited her to sit back and enjoy the same special treatment. And while I painted her face and polished her toes, I thought about my day and my daughter, and what I’ve been learning lately about my calling as a mother.

As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world. (John 17:18)

Just as God sent Jesus into the world to save it, Jesus sends me to do the same thing. Some days it’s hard for me to believe I play any part in that world-saving work. It seems like everyone else is doing it — finding cures and fighting poverty and protecting the polar bears — while I’m lounging on the couch with cotton balls between my toes. But the closer I look at that list, the more I see how even though each item is bringing awareness to something good, spending a spa day with my daughter is hopefully making her more aware of God and the special purpose he has for her life. By inspiring Lilla to answer the call God has on her life, I find myself heeding His call on mine as well, and that’s how together, with a little lip gloss, we can save the world.

And so I pray:

Lord, thank you for giving each of my children a special set of skills and talents that will help shape the plan you have for them. And thank you for the privilege I have as their mom to be a part of that process. In your name I pray, Amen.

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