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Don’t Box Me In

Down in the cellar, on the second shelf from the bottom, sits a cardboard box I like to call, “The Scott Box.” In it are all the keepsakes I’ve saved since we first met. The hockey puck he shot into the stands in Buffalo. The mesh tea bag he bought me in Syracuse, persuading me to keep our date at an off-campus coffeehouse, even though I don’t drink coffee. The cassette (yes, I said cassette) he recorded for me the summer my parents split up, when he and I were miles apart, and I really needed his sense of humor and evidence that love still lived among us.

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Invasion of the Candy Snatchers

Never give a girl some chocolate, then eat it while she’s sleeping. That’s the unfortunate scene that wears itself out in our house after every major holiday involving buckets or baskets of candy, and this Easter was no different. ¬†Scott played the role of the usual suspect (though, in fairness to my husband, I’ve been known to swipe handfuls of marshmallows while no one is looking), and Rainey was cast as the innocent victim. One […]