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Poison Prevention 2011 Poster Contest

  Rainey’s entry for Giant’s Poison Prevention 2011 contest. Winner gets $500 for his/her school. If she wins, does that mean I get to pocket the cash?

In Memory of Molly and Autumn

When we were first married, I decided to buy Scott what every guy wants for Valentine’s Day, and no, I’m not talking about skimpy maid lingerie.  I bought him a puppy. I remember driving through the outskirts of Augusta, Georgia in the rain, searching for adoptable puppies and eventually finding the animal shelter I called from work earlier that day.  As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the strong odor of dank […]

What Love Really Means

I have something to confess: I’m not very romantic.  I’m about as romantic as sorting the recycling.  So when Valentine’s Day rolls around each year, I’m not a big participant. Except for the year Scott and I were engaged.  I was living in New York, and he was stationed in Georgia.  I stayed up late baking heart-shaped frosted sugar cookies the night before I flew down to surprise him.  All the necessary ingredients for romance, […]