Archives for March 2009

Meet Bud Rocket Oldfield…

Unmistakably the best cat in the world. He’s handsome. He’s affectionate. And best of all, he’s Rainey’s. I love this cat.  

Snow Man, I’m Sick of Winter

This friendly little snowman is hopefully ringing the bell for the last call of winter. Sweet mother nature, I need spring to come.  

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Like most of us, I’ve been the innocent victim of mistaken identity a time or two in my life. For instance, some older ladies at church often confuse me with my friend, Candace, because we both bake kick-ass cookies for all the potlucks. The postman also sometimes mistakes me for my friend, Andrea, because both of us are tall, dark-haired, and breathless when we dash into the post office holding a package in one arm […]