The Deadliest Catch

Snake on the Ceiling

Capturing the Snake


I never thought I was afraid of things like spiders and snakes. I’m more crippled by sophisticated phobias like failure and abandonment. But that was put to the test this weekend when a small, garter snake somehow managed to slither its way through our basement ceiling.

After calling every man I know in a ten-mile radius and getting an answering machine every time, I finally resolved to catch the serpent myself. I’ve never been more terrified in my life. And the screaming girls in the background didn’t help. But at least Rainey captured it all on film. And I survived and kicked some major reptile rear-end.

Actually, I released it WAY out in the backyard after luring it into the pasta jar because I’m all humane and stuff when it comes to uninvited houseguests.


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