Archives for February 2009

The Deadliest Catch

I never thought I was afraid of things like spiders and snakes. I’m more crippled by sophisticated phobias like failure and abandonment. But that was put to the test this weekend when a small, garter snake somehow managed to slither its way through our basement ceiling. After calling every man I know in a ten-mile radius and getting an answering machine every time, I finally resolved to catch the serpent myself. I’ve never been more […]

Like Mother, Like Daughter

She’s like looking in a mirror sometimes, Rainey reminds me so much of myself. The other day when I took her out for a mother-daughter date, we both horked down the brownie sundae we were sharing so fast we should’ve just asked for shovels. I’m surprised we didn’t lean back, unbutton our pants, and belch after we finished. But that’s not Rainey’s style or mine, so we politely wiped the dripping chocolate sauce from our […]

Piano Mom

Rainey drew this picture one afternoon over a year ago while I was playing the piano. I love the way she captured the moment and highlighted my cool green shoes and really long neck.