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I Heart Snow Days

I love what a few inches of snow on the ground does to her cheeks, how it makes them more rosey, how it makes her freckles more freckley, and how it makes me happier to have her home for the day.  


The movie, Spirit, was on sale at Wal-Mart this week, and since it’s one of the girls’ favorites, I snagged a copy. While she watched it, this is what Rainey drew. Freehand.


Like most of my fellow Americans, I witnessed history this week. And like most of them, I watched it eight hours after it happened. God bless the USA and our DVR. Actually, we taped Tuesday’s Presidential Inauguration so that we could watch the festivities unfold as a family. Normally the girls pass on any show that doesn’t feature lots of puppies, ponies, and best friends singing about rainbows, but they’d watch just about anything to get […]

Leaving a Legacy: Reflections from the Roads and Races I’ve Run

I love to run. I always have. When I was a little kid, I used to run for miles by myself, with nothing but the breeze as my running buddy. I was too young to win any races or gain any glory from it; I just did it because I could. Today I run because I still can, though it takes a little more creative maneuvering around my busy schedule and aging limbs. I’d love […]