Little kids say the cutest things, and the cuteness factor multiplies if whatever they’re saying is made up or mispronounced.  For instance, Lilla, our two-year old, loves when I lather her shampoo into a “hair dude” at bath time.  She also enjoys taking a dip in the pool in her “swimming poop.”  Even with a year of kindergarten under her belt, her older sister, Rainey, still calls pre-flight butterflies “callapeters” and describes fireworks as “ginormous kersplosions.”

But nothing beats hearing either of them say “I love you,” even if it sounds more like a statement about olives.

Thankfully, God’s Word is clear, and every syllable speaks of His love for us.  Take Psalm 106, for example.  For dozens of verses, the psalmist describes all the ways the nation of Israel rebelled against God and how he justly disciplined them for their rebellion.  Horrible deeds repaid with equally horrible consequences.

“Nevertheless,” the psalmist says in verse 44, that because of His great love, He relented and remembered His covenant with them when He heard them cry.  With just one word, perfectly pronounced, God communicates love in a way a billion olives never could.

I am so thankful for all the “neverthelesses” in my life, especially when my sin deserves a ginormous punishment.  I wish I didn’t have such a rebellious heart, but I know I do.  Yet when I cry out to God, His abundant and steadfast love saves me.  I am forgiven… “that I may give thanks to His holy name and glory in His praise (verse 47).”

Hallelujah to that.  Or, as Lilla would say, “Hah-yay-you-ya.”

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