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Puppy Kisses

“Then Job arose and tore his robe and shaved his head and fell on the ground and …”  (Job 1:20). Quick.  With Bibles closed (no cheating), finish that line of Scripture from the book of Job. I guess that’s not really a fair assignment unless you know a little background information.  In the nineteen verses leading up to this one, we meet Job, a God-fearing man who is obviously healthy, wealthy, and living the good […]


Little kids say the cutest things, and the cuteness factor multiplies if whatever they’re saying is made up or mispronounced.  For instance, Lilla, our two-year old, loves when I lather her shampoo into a “hair dude” at bath time.  She also enjoys taking a dip in the pool in her “swimming poop.”  Even with a year of kindergarten under her belt, her older sister, Rainey, still calls pre-flight butterflies “callapeters” and describes fireworks as “ginormous […]