The Busy Disciple

If the point of my life as a disciple of Christ is to keep my eyes on Him, then what typically blocks my view is not some flagrant sin but one of pride’s most deceptive disguises: busyness.  Human wisdom tells me if I’m busy, then I must be important, that I can somehow fabricate life’s meaning out of activity.  In this world, running ragged is a way of life.  Even in Christian circles, being unproductive is thought to be more of a sin than breaking Sabbath.

When I am too busy, though, the Lord Jesus gets pushed to the margins of my life.  The very people I am called to love get the leftovers of my energy, attention and affection.  My focus shifts from Christ to my own personal goals and agendas driven, sadly, by my desire to impress people or prove my worth.  When I live my life in my own strength and for my own glory, my spirit becomes critical, my thought life corrupt, and I am simply too distracted to listen to God and obey Him.

But Christ invites me to follow Him down a different path, away from this noisy world that makes me so weary and burdened, and He offers me rest (Matthew 11:28).  In order to experience that rest, however, I must slow down and say no to things that take my focus off of Him.  And, for me, that sometimes means saying no to a lot of good things, like ministry opportunities, children’s activities, and social events.

But I’ve also discovered that when I surrender to him daily and die to the temptation to speed up and fill up my schedule, my days are full of the peace and joy that only His Spirit supplies and I am freer to love people with His love.

And I don’t know about you, but I only have enough time in my day for that.

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