Archives for August 2007

The Busy Disciple

If the point of my life as a disciple of Christ is to keep my eyes on Him, then what typically blocks my view is not some flagrant sin but one of pride’s most deceptive disguises: busyness.  Human wisdom tells me if I’m busy, then I must be important, that I can somehow fabricate life’s meaning out of activity.  In this world, running ragged is a way of life.  Even in Christian circles, being unproductive […]

He Knows My Name

As much as I hate to admit this, I have a really hard time worshiping at church.  I could blame it on my noisy children, or the state of my hair that morning, or all those shiny things in the sanctuary, but the enemy of my soul loves to steal my attention and consume my thoughts with anything but Jesus on any given Sunday.  This past week, though, the Lord was somehow able to plunge […]