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Rainey, Rainey Go Away

Back in my baby-sitting days, when I essentially had parenthood reduced to making sure the pot handles were turned in and the nightlight in the kids’ bedrooms were turned on, I took care of a little boy named David. David was the youngest of three siblings, and, from what I can remember, was a happy, well-adjusted baby. Except when his parents paid me two bucks an hour to watch him for the evening. I don’t […]

I Love You Because

Scott and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary this past Sunday, and we both completely forgot. Thankfully, Scott’s sister Ann had the date confused and called us a day early to wish us many more years of wedded bliss. Ordinarily I’d be irate with Scott for his forgetfulness but it was my own father who had to remind me of the important date just a week before. If it weren’t for our thoughtful family members, […]