Archives for March 2002

Postcards from the Ledge

When traveling in an airplane with a one-year-old, everything but time flies. In the past few weeks, Scott and I have flown from our home in Montana to a job interview on one coast and my brother’s wedding on the other, and unlike the airline carrier that had the misfortunate pleasure of having our business for both trips, Rainey hates to fly and it shows. She’s been on a plane twice in the past, once […]

The Story of You

Every year in the middle of July, my mom tells me the same story. The short version goes something like, “I ate an entire pizza, barfed it up, and ten minutes later gave birth to you.” In her longer, more graphic version, my mom elaborates on how she and my dad drove like maniacs to the hospital during New Hampshire’s worst thunderstorm in decades, and how my dad was so nervous that he was smoking […]