Archives for February 2002

In Sickness and Health

Back when Scott and I exchanged our vows in the presence of God and our family and friends, we promised to walk through the rest of our lives together, deeply committed to taking care of each other and having faith that once we were on board the marriage train everything would go smoothly. My idea of everything going smoothly in a marriage is (a) that we devote a lifetime of love and faithfulness to one […]

A Mom’s Guide to Surviving Cabin Fever

Rainey has pulled down all the books on the bookshelf, inspected the cat’s fat belly for signs of intelligence, unraveled every square inch of toilet paper from its roll, and flung all her food to the floor. And it’s only 7:00 a.m. My puffy eyes are staring into the face of another day filled with the same incessant routine of caring for a tornado-like eleven-month-old. But rather than roll over and play dead, I’ve decided […]

A Story About Being Human

Rainey is becoming more of a human being than the alien she resembles in her ultrasound picture. Besides her stylish boot-cut jeans and fascination with daytime television, nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than in her recent sleeping habits. For the past ten months, I have gone to extreme lengths to get Rainey to fall and stay asleep. I know the “experts” say not to, but sometimes I’m so desperate for a waffle and a […]