Archives for January 2002

The First Day of School

On the night before the first day of school, at the end of every summer and at the dawning of every new grade level, I lay in bed awake and petrified. When the excitement from shopping for back-to-school sweaters and Trapper Keepers melted away with the remaining days of August, one thought still scorched my mind: What if I don’t know anything? As if worrying about when to get off the bus, where to go […]

In with the Old, Out with the Nude

I should have known the New Year was going to start off badly when my mom somehow convinced me to buy my first pair of thong underwear. While standing in the midst of panty-lined tables at the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale, I noticed the assortment of thongs was far more sparse than the display of full-coverage briefs where I had been browsing and planning to purchase in ample supply. Suddenly, I began to wonder if […]