Archives for November 2001

Jesus to the Rescue

Thunderstorms terrified me as a little girl. If a storm woke me in the middle of the night, I begged my parents to let me sleep in the car. “It makes perfect sense,” I explained to them, “that’s the safest place to be in a thunderstorm.” If storm clouds came calling during the day, I demanded that we visit my grandparents’ house a couple of towns away. Despite being bored to a vegetative state, I […]

Fork Over the Spoon

I believe that all friction between a mother and her daughter begins and ends with a spoon. Allow me to explain. “Any day now, your baby will try feeding herself. She may let you know about her new goal by grabbing a spoon and, eventually, guiding it into her mouth. Let her experiment, and forgive the mess — it’s helping her learn a new skill.” When my weekly parenting newsletter arrived by email on Wednesday […]

Are We There Yet?

Every summer, while I was growing up, my family vacationed on a lake in New Hampshire for the last two weeks of August. It was an eight-hour drive from our home in Pennsylvania, and for the sake of my parents’ sanity, it was crucial that my two brothers and I be kept busy for the duration of the trip. Thus, my mother invented the “on car bags.” They weren’t so much on the car as […]