Welcome to Rainey Days

When I created this Web site about my daughter, Rainey, it was a way to capture the exhilarating yet fleeting and frustrating moments of motherhood.

Back in the infant phase, of her life and this site, I wrote the tagline, “an online journal of life with my daughter,” but I dropped the last three words when two more kids came along and it became apparent my writing is not just about mothering. It’s about life, all of it.

I've enjoyed sharing our stories with you for the past 17 (!) years, and I'm grateful so many of you have taken the time to read them. But as Rainey embarks on a new phase of her life, this site must come to an end. We will still be lurking online on various social networks, so please feel free to connect with us that way. Again, many thanks for reading over the years.

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